RefillAbell is Watfords first zero waste shop. The unique aspect of this shop is that you can bring your own containers, bags, bottles, jars, tupperware etc to fill up! We will weigh the containers when they are empty, and then again once filled up. The clever machine will deduct the weight of your empty container from the total so you pay for just what you get!

The Model is based on re-using, repurposing, re-cycling and ultimately ‘upcycling’ goods you may already have in your cupboards at home or in your car. We want to reduce single use plastics and encourage people to use the same bags and bottles that they have previously done. Weigh empty, fill, weigh again, head to the till!

We are located on 4 Haydon Road, Oxhey Village, Watford. Haydon Road is right opposite the Skoda showroom on London Road. Parking is available along Haydon Road for the majority of the day. We are a short walk from Bushey Station (Insert Map route) and the 142 and 258 bus stops are located 30 second walk away from RefillAbell. Arrivaclick busses also stop on Haydon Road. We are opposite Vale Road and Grange Road.

Most of our products are online, however not all our products are listed on the website as we do trial new products regularly. Do pop in on a regular basis to see what we have in store or give us a good old phone call on 01923 226 783  and we will let you know if we have it. Our Instagram page and Facebook page will also show some of our latest products. We are confident that there is something for everyone here! 

Each label that gets printed when the item is weighed out will print a detailed list of all the ingredients and will have any potential allergens in bold. The expiry date and batch number of the product can be found on the dispenser itself. If you have further questions about the origins of a product please feel free to ask us in store or over the phone.

We mainly have dried goods, the peanut butter that we make fresh has a shelf life of over 3 months in a cool dry place due to the natural preservative within the nut butters. The honey is harvested regularly and has a long shelf life as well. We ensure all our products have a long shelf life or we will return it back to our suppliers.


We don’t deliver at the moment, however we are looking to start a local delivery service soon.

We will communicate directly with you if  any items you have ordered are out of stock. We may offer a close alternative as well, but we will check with you first.

We will pack it in paper bags or jars that you have chosen.

Please do contact us if this does occur and as long as the product is available, we will correct the human error.

Once a food item has left the store, we are unable to take it back due to hygiene purposes. If the item is a non-food item, then we are happy to provide a refund provided it has a receipt and it was purchased within the last 14 days.

Anything of the same value can be exchanged as long as the item returned is not damaged or been tampered with.

We now provide click and collect options. This is an opportunity for you to come in and collect your order once you have placed it online. Half of the payment will be taken at checkout on the website, and the remainder to be paid in store when collected. There will be a small packaging fee as well.

We do indeed, (insert picture of loyalty card). With every £10 spend per transaction you get a stamp, collect 5 stamps and the 6th shop is 5% off, and then collect another 5 stamps and then you get 10% off your entire shop!

Everything in store is vegetarian, lots of vegan produce as well as gluten-free area too.

Best way is to join our mailing list (insert link to mailchimp sign up), add us on Instagram or Facebook if you are on socials, give us a phone call on 01923 226 783. (add links to socials)

There is no subscription plan in place as yet, we are planning to launch this service soon.

A number of ways! We host workshops in the evenings, so if you feel you have a workshop you would like to host in our space then please get in touch and we can work together to bring it to our ever growing community. We can provide a shelf space at the front of our shop for a rental fee, this will be the product of the week and will be on centre stage from Monday morning until Saturday evening on that week. As long as your idea and products are keeping with our ethos, we are all about adding value and providing a platform for you.

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